What patients say about Kathryn of Zenith Acupuncture


(From a text message): “Great News to share with you. I got my lab work done this week and just reviewed my results with my doctor. My prolactin level dropped to normal range (first time in years), my iron levels are normal for the first time, my ferritin levels are normal, my T3 is in normal range, and my thyroid antibodies are dropping into normal range as well. My doctor couldn’t believe it. She wanted to know what medications I have been using ! When I told her she was SHOCKED!!!!! Thank you so much Kathryn. These are major milestones for me!”


-Tatiana S.



“I have had headaches due to weather for at least 10 years.  It was not uncommon for me to miss work or be bedridden by the pressure and throbbing with storms, barometer changes, and wind. I called it my lame superpower since I could predict the weather so well I could tell people when to buy groceries or we were getting a storm front.


I’d had acupuncture previously for migraines but had never thought of it for “weather head.” Within a month Kathryn had my headaches under control, to the point the week of finals for my accelerated doctoral class was incessant storms and I missed not a minute of work/school or the abundance of studying I had to do. Might have lost my superpower but it’s nice to look and see rain/storms on the forecast and not think, “ugh…now I’ll get nothing done.”  She’s an expert practitioner with a wonderful soothing manner.  As for my migraines, they’ve gotten better too, with gua sha (new for me) and acupuncture.”


-Bethany S.



“I have had such a wonderful experience working with Kathryn at Zenith Acupuncture. I have been a patient for 7 months and during this time, I have experienced so many significant changes in my health. I came to Kathryn for help with infertility and she has gone above and beyond to provide treatment and recommendations of herbal supplements, along with other healthy lifestyle changes. I truly believe that these treatments and recommendations are the reason why I am pregnant today! I am so grateful to Kathryn and her determination to help me. I always enjoy my sessions with her.”


-Annika C.



“For a year and a half I contacted doctors regarding my digestive issues. The good news was I didn’t have a life-threatening disease. The bad news, my problem was deemed to be Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I wasn’t satisfied with an extremely limited diet, so out of desperation I contacted Kathryn Nemirovsky to give acupuncture a try.  Initially I didn’t know what to expect, but my concerns gave way to Kathryn’s attentive care.  Kathryn continually adjusted my treatment based on my condition. My pain and sleepless nights are now fading memories and the list of food that I can tolerate is continuing to increase. The results under Kathryn’s care have been nothing short of astounding.”


-Tom B.



“I have seen Kathryn regularly for 8 months and I have felt a great improvement in my mood, energy level and circulation. Kathryn is an accommodating and caring person who wants the best for all her patients.”


– Mary Ann M.



“I was struggling with a stubborn sinus infection for too many months when my daughter suggested I try acupuncture with a practitioner of Chinese Medicine. The Internet led me to Kathryn Nemirovsky. After two rounds of antibiotics, inhalers, neti pots and expensive ENT office visits it was Kathryn, who in my first visit provided me relief, and after 3 visits put an end to my sinus problem. Since that experience I visit her monthly, as I have experienced a stronger immune system and general overall physical and emotional well being. Thank you, Kathryn.”


– Karen N.



“I want you to know how grateful I am to you for helping me overcome some very painful obstacles in my life that were keeping me from making the most of everyday that I am blessed to be alive. You are a wonderful practitioner and you have helped me get through one of the darkest and most hopeless times of my life.”


– Kerri M.



“After suffering recurrent miscarriages over a period of years, I began fertility treatment with Kathryn in September, 2011. By December of that year I was pregnant, and in October 2012, I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy boy. Thank you, Kathryn!”


– Allison H.



“I began receiving treatments from Kathryn Nemirovsky after suffering from tension, sinus, and migraine headaches for 26 years. Throughout the years, I sought help from pediatricians, primary physicians, a neurologist, and an ENT specialist. I was put on a muscle relaxer and various medications, all of which worked for a time, but then it was necessary to increase the dosage after a few months. This was not something I wanted to deal with for the rest of my life. I wanted to try another approach.


During the course of treatment with acupuncture and herbs, the timing and severity of my headaches has decreased steadily, and I no longer need to take pharmaceutical medication. I’m a kindergarten teacher, and in the past I sometimes missed work due to the migraines – but this no longer happens! I strongly recommend acupuncture by Kathryn.”


– Megan K.


“Kathryn is an acupuncturist who truly practices from the heart. Her unique blend of skill, calming presence and genuine caring sets her apart from the rest. I am very grateful to have her treatments as part of my wellness regimen.”


– Susan Y.



“I suffer from fibromyalgia, I.B.S., and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. My muscular pains have been greatly relieved and my intestinal symptoms have subsided since Kathryn has been treating me. Kathryn’s treatments are relaxing as well as curative. She is a very skilled acupuncturist! I have complete trust in her capabilities and I confidently recommend her to everyone. Thank you Kathryn!”


– Jody B.



“Respect, deep consideration, fine intuition and intelligence are all hallmarks of Kathryn’s treatment. Every aspect of her therapy is administered with the wholeness of the client in mind, in a clean, restorative environment.”


– Marianne M.