Spirit of the Points Cards

A visual learning tool for students and lovers of Chinese Medicine

Spirit Cards


SPIRIT OF THE POINTS CARDS, created and designed by Kathryn R. Nemirovsky, is a set of boldly graphic educational flash cards, which provide a mnemonic device for learning the names and functions of 130 acupuncture points, including five element points, source points, luo points, xi-cleft points, mu points, outer shu points, exit-entry points, assembly points, and window to heaven points. The cards feature character translations and interpretations by Lonny S. Jarrett, as published in his book, The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine, with corresponding images selected by Kathryn R. Nemirovsky from Wikimedia Commons, an online source of copyright-free images. The cards reflect an evolutionary perspective on Chinese medicine by linking ancient Chinese characters to people, places, and things all over the world via the Internet, thereby fusing the richness of past knowledge with the technological complexity and world-centric vantage point of the present, evincing a new relationship that didn’t exist until this moment in history.


“Kathryn has created a beautiful work that speaks to her love of the points. She has a keen eye and has chosen images that may exemplify an aspect of each point’s function and facilitate learning the “spirit of the points.” I recommend these for students and practitioners, and have found that they also inspire a patient’s interest in the waiting room. An excellent job executed with care.”


— Lonny S. Jarrett


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Sample Cards (actual card size is 4 x 6″):