Covid-19 Office Policy


Your health and safety are of the utmost important to me. Therefore, the following procedures are followed at all times:

  • Nobody with active Covid-19 symptoms is permitted in the office at any time.
  • Air in treatment rooms and common spaces is continually cleaned with Molekule air purifiers, which have been proven to destroy the Covid-19 virus. See their lab results here.
  • Treatment tables are disinfected between patients.
  • Hands are thoroughly washed between patient interactions.


Vaccinations: I believe in medical freedom of choice, and do not discriminate based on vaccination status. The CDC has sated that Covid-19 vaccinations cannot prevent transmission, but rather can only reduce the severity of disease for vaccinated individuals. Therefore, the vaccination status of others should not be of concern to anyone.


Face Masks: The research overwhelmingly suggests that face masks are not effective in preventing viral transmission and, rather, cause a variety of adverse effects, many of which I have experienced myself and witnessed in my patients. I therefore do not require the use of masks in my practice. If you wish to wear a mask during your treatment, you are free to do so.  Please refer to these two documents for a comprehensive overview of the research:


Face Mask Research Overview


Face Mask Folly in Retrospect


I have successfully treated several individuals with lingering post-Covid sequela using acupuncture and herbs. If you were diagnosed with Covid-19 in the past (but have since tested negative), and aren’t feeling fully back to normal, I can help you. Please ask me about it.


The best way to protect ourselves from Covid-19 and all other contagions is to get adequate sleep, eat a healthy diet and supplement when necessary, exercise moderately, and manage stress. All of these things will contribute to a more robust immune system.